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Evolutionary Ticket-in DM


INSPIRE is the result of our latest innovation project. Our pre-eminent production technology has made it possible to create this astounding direct mail. INSPIRE contributes to a dramatic increase in open rates and usage rates. Unlike common direct mail, items are inserted so that they are partially visible even before opening the cover page - giving a vivid impact that maximizes the impact of your advertising.

Single Stream Processing by Printer

    A ready-to-use ticket is inserted so that it is partially visible even before opening the cover page. This product is manufactured by a printer in a single stream.

INSPIRE Enhances Advertisement Impact

    How can the impact of an advertisement be enhanced against the huge amount of advertising potential customers are exposed to on a daily basis? Many tests have been conducted concerning the promotional effectiveness of INSPIRE, and the results have been collated to build up promotional know-how. The difference is dramatically reflected in the response rates. We offer a range of solutions for sales promotion tailored to your needs.

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INSPIRE Is Delivered Fast

    Our cutting-edge machinery and extensive experience and know-how of printing have enabled rapid delivery times for INSPIRE. The fast delivery allows you more time for sales promotion planning and internal orientation, ultimately leading to more timely sales promotion activities.

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List of Products and Services by Purpose

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